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Insurance Claims Information

Have storms recently damaged your home?

Southwestern Roofing™ will perform a free evaluation to assess any possible damage to your home.

Roof damage is often undetectable from the ground after a strong storm passes through your area. It is important to hire an experienced contractor who is recognized by your insurance company to evaluate damages. Occasionally, it will be necessary to do an emergency repair and return your home to a waterproof state until the actual work can be performed.

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Hail and wind can take years off the life of your roof and other components of your home. It’s well worth it to have your home examined by a professional who can determine what type of damage may have occurred. Both an interior and exterior inspection are recommended to assess if a claim is necessary and to provide a thorough report. Insurance companies allow a certain amount of time for their claimants to turn in their information. Please note there will be a deadline, and once this passes you may be paying out of pocket. Our motto with any storm is, “Better safe than sorry.” We offer a free storm evaluation. Our staff at Southwestern Roofing™ can assist you in each phase of this process. We are recognized as a preferred contractor by insurance companies and have met with most of their adjusters for more than 30 years. They are familiar with our work and, more importantly, with our fair and honest business practices. Insurance companies respect any findings we submit.

A warning to our customers: Dishonest roofing companies can be deliberately “hazy” with their quotes and may even ask for signatures and money before a final contract has been agreed upon. Steer clear of such practices! A reputable company will be straightforward and will not put pressure on you for your decision. Moreoever, an honest company will expect payment only after a job well done.

In closing, if you feel storm damage is possible, we welcome the opportunity to assist you with any part of this process. Simply contact us at your convenience and we will schedule an appointment.

Contact us today for more information on any of our services. We are here for you!

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Not all warranties are created equal!

When selecting a contractor, make sure you are dealing with an established company. Any company offering a leading warranty should back that up with quality workmanship. We offer several warranty options, and all are transferrable in case you decide to sell your home.

Requirements to be met in order to offer the system plus warranty:

  1. Use any 3 of the following accessory products:
    • Prostart Starter Shingle
    • Cobra 3 Ridge Vent
    • Shingle Mate Underlayment
    • StormGuard
    • Z-Ridge or Timbertex hip and ridge shingles
  2. Use 6 nails to install the shingles.

  3. Homeowners receive the following warranty upgrades:
    • 20 years of non-prorated warranty coverage (30/40 year products)
    • 50 years of non-prorated warranty coverage on lifetime products
    • Wind warranty coverage gets upgraded to 110 mph on 30/40 year
    • Wind warranty coverage gets upgraded to 130 mph on lifetime

*Depending on the products you choose, there are a variety of warranties. When putting together your home improvement package, our salesman will go over these options.

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